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At Carats for you, our primary customer value is to operate in a fully transparent manner. We want to create a new culture in the diamond industry where we can educate the consumer and impart complete knowledge to the consumer on what lab diamonds are, what they are purchasing and from whom they are purchasing the lab diamond from. We believe in working in this style so that the customer can make a fully informed decision.


Fully transparent

Whether a customer is buying a natural diamond, a synthetic diamond or a lab diamond, we are available to help them make he distinction and understand it thoroughly. We strongly discourage and frown upon diamond companies who mislead their customers. We want to break that barrier of misinformation by transferring complete data and supporting evidence so that the customer is satisfied in their purchase, and not misled into buying something they are unaware or uncertain about.


Well informed

From the 4Cs—where we explain in detail the various choices and differences, to the setting style, from the variety of shapes and their differing price points and popularity, we will reveal everything you may want to know. We believe in being available to communicate any concerns the customer may have and provide them a complete service from the beginning, before selecting the stone to the end when the ring is made, and even after making the sale, also being available to make every moment around the diamond a special one. For more information on our after sales services.

Treating you as king or queen

We at Carats for you go the whole nine yards, treating the customer as king or queen every step of the way. And then we go one step further by taking the time and patience in informing and educating you of every aspect of lab diamonds to ensure your Carats for you diamond engagement ring is what dreams are made of.